Aims and objectives

Project financing arrangment for the companies within the industry.
The major aim of financing arrangment for the industry’s projects through AtomCapital is the implementation of commercially effective initiatives under the lack of investment resources. These projects must not refer to nuclear energy or nuclear weapons fields, and currently are presented by nuclear medicine, irradiation technology, mining and icebreaker services. Selection criteria for project financing, as well as project financing policies have been approved by the Investment Committee of the State Corporation Rosatom.

Cash-pulling for the companies beyond the JSC «Atomenergoprom».
In order to manage the cash-pulling within the industry (centralized funds raising and allocation in the industry’s companies) own resources must be employed and reallocated in the maximum efficient way. JSC AtomCapital operates as a pool-leader for the corporate internal funding transactions with the federal state unitary enterprises, if the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM exersices the material rights for such enterprises and they do not belong to JSC Atomenergoprom. JSC AtomCapital coupled with JSC Atomenergoprom have been set by the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM as pool-leaders for the industry.

Financing the equity transactions within the industry.
Equity transactions financing throuth JSC AtomCapital is intended to be managed by acquired (owned) strategic assets’ consolidation at JSC AtomCapital for the project developing period.

Project financing in the industry